Collaboration with Young Local Talents Who will Lead the Next K-Fashion

Inspire Entertainment Resort(“IER”) executed a business academia partnership MOU with Kyung-in Women’s University(“KWU”) nestled in the local community of Incheon City, and awarded a scholarship in February 2021 to the top three students from the uniform design project carried out as part of the business academic cooperation.

After IER signed a business academia MOU with Kyung-in Women’s University in September, 2020 related to designing resort uniforms, it has conducted a design initiative over the past semester to develop a uniform for housekeeping and water dome (splash bay) staffs. The final three students selected among the draft uniform designs submitted by students from 20 different teams are offered the chance to see their design drawings transform into real-life uniforms when the resort opens.

This project is meaningful in that as the development of Northeast Asia’s largest-scale global IR is underway, it has identified young talents in K-fashion which is drawing attention around the world on the back of the growing K-wave and has paved the way for mapping out a wide array of programs with the local community.

“We look forward to unique uniform designs that are uniquely Korean and spark with creativity by collaborating with KWU students, who are poised to become K-fashion leaders heading the next K-wave,” said Inspire CEO Andrew Billany who added that “going beyond discovering young outstanding local talents in fashion design, we expect that the uniforms reflecting K-fashion trends will project an impressive brand image to foreigners visiting Northeast Asia’s largest IR.”

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