INSPIRE Entertainment Resort and Luxury Business Group sign a strategic partnership agreement

Tuesday 9 February 2022 [Seoul, South Korea] – INSPIRE Entertainment Resort (“INSPIRE”) scheduled to open on Yeongjong Island, Incheon in 2023, entered into a strategic partnership agreement for retail development with Luxury Business Institute Korea (“Luxury Business Group”). The two companies convened a signing ceremony on Feb 8th, 2022.

Andrew Billany, CEO and Representative of INSPIRE, and Daniel Mayran, Founder and CEO of Luxury Business Group and Chairman of Bluebell Korea, celebrated the agreement with key staff of both companies.

Luxury Business Group, a strategic partner of Bluebell Group, is a consulting firm specialized in luxury and premium business industries in fashion, cosmetics, and food and beverage sectors. INSPIRE Entertainment Resort will cooperate strategically with Luxury Business Group on the retail development to build a lifestyle complex resort destination by taking geographical advantages that are easy for domestic and foreign customers to visit.

By signing a service consulting contract for the retail sector of Northeast Asia’s largest complex resort, the two companies will attract lifestyle and luxury boutique stores and introduce a differentiated retail platform that combines tourism and shopping entertainment aimed at domestic and foreign travelers and casino customers.

Targeted to open to visitors in 2023, INSPIRE broke ground in May 2019 and is currently being developed on 461,661 square meters within the IBC-III region owned by the Incheon International Airport in the IFEZ Yeongjong District.

INSPIRE is poised to be Northeast Asia’s largest integrated resort. It will feature three 5-star hotel towers, an arena – 15,000-seat multifunctional performance hall convention facilities – the largest in scale in the Seoul metropolitan area shopping arcade including luxury brands, F&B, a climate-controlled indoor waterpark and a family park – an approximately 70,063 m² outdoor themed area.

“Retailtainment” or Experiential Retail is a key focus area of INSPIRE’s development. Through the agreement between the two companies, INSPIRE Entertainment Resort will successfully attract luxury and premium brands and go beyond being established as a distinct destination that combines the advantages of Korea’s retail business and culture. The collaboration of INSPIRE and Luxury Business Group will offer a one-of-a-kind travel and shopping platform that will cater to domestic and foreign travelers, casino visitors, and business groups.

“With the signing of a new business agreement between INSPIRE and Luxury Business Group, who are at the forefront of global luxury retail, we expect to set up a successful retail platform strategy and sales marketing for our luxury resort on Yeongjong Island,” said Andrew Billany, INSPIRE’s CEO. “This will not only give an economic lift to Yeongjong Island and Incheon’s economy but also differentiate INSPIRE by offering high quality, curated brands and experiences throughout the resort.”

Daniel Mayran, Luxury Business Group CEO and Bluebell Korea Chairman, said, “We are pleased to take part in the development of the retail space in INSPIRE, which will be the largest integrated entertainment resort in Northeast Asia. INSPIRE will become a major destination for retail and leisure, attracting overseas consumers fond of Korea as well as domestic consumers in constant search of new trends.”

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