Media Development Business Partnership Executed between INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Futurenet

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort (hereinafter referred to as “INSPIRE”), being developed within the Yeongjong Island’s Free Economic Zone in Incheon, signed a business agreement(MOU) on June 20th with Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Futurenet regarding the supply of a digital LED signage system and a joint investment and development of an immersive media art exhibition hall in the resort.

The signing ceremony was attended by key members from each company, including CEO Ray Pineault and COO Jody Madigan of Mohegan, the parent company of the INSPIRE project, Vice President Youngsoo Lim, the head of B2B Solution Group of Samsung Electronics and CEO Sung-taek Ryu of Hyundai Futurenet.

Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Futurenet, a Hyundai Department Store Group’s subsidiary ICT company, are establishing a consortium for the development of digital LED signage in INSPIRE, the largest integrated entertainment resort in Northeast Asia, aiming to offer dynamic and futuristic ICT contents and services in the resort’s tourism, shopping and entertainment areas by leveraging the competitive edge of digital signage.

By signing the service agreement for building a digital LED signage system in the resort, Samsung Electronics will provide its hardware system ‘Samsung Smart Signage’ and build a cutting-edge smart solution, whereas Hyundai Futurenet will participate in the joint investment of the immersive content museum and design and operation of the museum.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, on the other hand, will provide the land, power and telecommunications and infrastructure support necessary to create an immersive content museum.

INSPIRE Entertainment Resort (to be completed in 2023) is being developed on a site of 4,367,000 m2 in the 3rd International Business Zone (IBC-III) of Incheon International Airport in Yeongjong District, Incheon Free Economic Zone. Project INSPIRE Korea will feature three 5-star hotel towers, a 15,000-seat multifunctional professional performance arena, a foreigners-only casino, the largest convention facility in the Seoul metropolitan area, a world-class retail offering, a year-round indoor water dome experience, and a large outdoor thematic space, known as the “Family Park.” Once completed, INSPIRE is set to become the largest Integrated Resort (IR) in Northeast Asia. The project brings the rich Mohegan heritage to Korea to offer an extensive array of extraordinary entertainment experiences.

Ray Pineault, the CEO of INSPIRE Entertainment Resort’s parent company, Mohegan, said that “The strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics with its world-class technological prowess in digital signage, a key technology for next-generation media, and Hyundai Futurenet, a successful developer and operator of media exhibition halls, will prove instrumental in building an innovative brand for the INSPIRE Project,” and expressed that the company is “looking forward to working in close collaboration with many different Korean companies to help INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, Northeast Asia’s largest integrated resort, offer a wealth of engaging content to visitors from all over the world.”

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Displayed on 31-March-2021

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