Mohegan INSPIRE announces large-scale recruitment plan for 2023

"An entertainment resort, a new paradigm of hotel & resort, is coming"

– Mohegan INSPIRE Announces a large-scale recruitment plan of approx. 3,500 people ahead of the phase 1 opening in the latter part of 2023.
– Recruitment for all job functions related to resort complex management including hotel, casino, entertainment, retail, general office work, etc
– Select talents through briefings in universities around the country, industry-university collaboration program and nation-wide job fair.

[00 Dec 2022 – Incheon, Korea] Mohegan INSPIRE, an integrated entertainment resort announced a large-scale recruitment plan of some 3,500 people before the official opening in the second half of 2023.

Mohegan INSPIRE is working on a project for the largest integrated resort in North East Asia over a total of 4 phases in the International Business Complex-III of Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. Currently, constructions are underway for the opening of phase 1 in the 2nd part of 2023, and the highest-end business/leisure facilities including three 5-star hotels with a total of 1,275 rooms, along with an arena for multi-purpose performances accommodating 15,000 audiences, a foreigner-only casino, large convention center, indoor water park and outdoor family parks will be created.

Mohegan INSPIRE announced its plan to recruit around 3,500 employees to operate the integrated resort including hotel, casino, entertainment, retail and general office work, ahead of the opening of phase 1 in the latter part of 2023.

What is unique about this recruitment is that you can select jobs from diverse sectors, from hotel to casino, entertainment and facilities as it is an integrated resort. Main areas of recruitment will be all jobs related to managing an integrated resort including △ F&B, culinary, room for hotel △ dealer, table game manager, accounting, surveillance for casino △ arena performance planning, water park management for entertainment △MD, sales for retail △marketing, HR, finance, IT, legal for general office.

Before the new recruitment process, Mohegan INSPIRE has been visiting hotel and casino related departments in 40 universities around the country since November for business briefing and recruitment related programs. In February 2023, it is planning for industry-academy cooperation with 12 universities, including the major ones in Seoul-Incheon areas to select 30% of new recruits from talents in these universities. Furthermore, in order to hire talents from diverse backgrounds, it is also planning to participate in various job fairs organized by Seoul-Incheon, the government and universities.

In June 2023, there will be a large- scale open recruitment. The newly recruited employees will go through 1-3 months of training before putting them into work in line with the official opening in the latter part of 2023.

Hoe Kyoung Koo, HR Vice President of Mohegan INSPIRE said, “We select talents through qualitative assessment focusing on service mindset rather than quantitative assessments such as language exam scores asked by existing hotels. Even after joining, employees will be able to work in a horizontal organizational culture with job competency focused personnel evaluation. They will also be offered with diverse opportunities to be promoted or incentivized based on their personal abilities. So we hope to see many talents applying to work with us.”

Meanwhile, Mohegan INSPIRE said it expects to create new jobs, revitalize local economy and Korean tourism industry with approx. KRW167trillion of production effect and some KRW60 trillion of value-added effect during its 30 years of operation, thus creating enormous economic effects.

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